Life: That Which Ails

Dear Fluffle, So I have a number of physical and mental ailments that affect me on a day to day basis. It's why I'm on disability for those that are not aware. Passing me on the street, coming up to me at a Munch, or meeting me at a Convention you probably wouldn't know (unless … Continue reading Life: That Which Ails

Life: Let the Butterflies cry

Hello darlings, I'm sorry that I have been so absent lately. Had a lot going on. I know I haven't really shared this much, but I have been technically homeless for a number of months. I just recently got the opportunity to move into a friends house. I am grateful to my friends that let … Continue reading Life: Let the Butterflies cry

IR: What is Illusionary Reality?

Reality is a series of complex interpretations of a variety of senses that are taken in by our brain. From our physical and spiritual senses that connect us to the world and universe around us. Via these senses, we take in the world, shape it in our mind, and come to what we see. We determine that Red is Red, that a wall looks like it does, that our friends are the shapes that they are. This can cause changes in understandings from person to person, but generally we all 'see' the same thing.

IR: What Is the Púca?

The puca, or pooka, is a complicated creature. Often thought of as either a malevolent or benevolent being of old world Ireland. Some reports claim there is no faery feared more in Ireland than the Puca. Most Irish Folklore claims the pooka is a cunning and wile spirit, often thought of as an animal spirit. Though it is in fact a type of changeling, taking on both animal and human forms. It has been known, depending on the part of Ireland you are from, to either be helpful to farmers or to cause havoc; sometimes both. Although they enjoy confusing and sometimes terrifying people, they are considered to be mostly benevolent beings.

Words From a Puca: Sexuality & Romance Spectrums

Life itself is best looked at as a spectrum. A massive range of ways to be. Within each of those 'spots on the spectrum' exist variants within themselves, so never go that there is a 'end all, be all' to a way of life. Hell, we are such a diverse species, we can even sometimes … Continue reading Words From a Puca: Sexuality & Romance Spectrums

Life: A Little Bit of History

Life. Even in the best of cases I have found that life is a messed up and emotionally traumatizing experience. The children with the best childhoods still have events that they really should speak to therapists about, and when love comes into the picture of our life, for those of us that experience romance (see my post later on Sexual and Romance Spectrum's), we are never going to be completely stable again. With that in mind, who are any of us to say our life experiences are worse than others. While, we may be able to make argument to a point that a current point in life might be harder than another persons, you can't say your life is harder than another. I don't care what you've experienced. Person A and Person B can experience the same event, say their mother dying in a car crash when they were five years old. After that point, they could have been raised and experienced the exact same life. However, to Person B, that incident (for any number of reasons, and any number of outcomes) has a far greater traumatic experience than Person A. Two people walk into the same situation, and both walk out different people, it's a fact of life. No two people react the same to ANY situation. So, never judge a persons life experiences, never say "Oh, you were just bullied growing up by kids in your school, I was bullied by my siblings or parents, it's family so it's so much worse." The fuck it is, some people just brush that off, others it can devastate their entire being. The most troubling thing, you can't always tell who it's going to be that it wrecks or doesn't phase. I have girl friends that have been brutally raped for the 5th, 8th, 12th or more time, and talked to me after like it was just another day, and than I have other friends that were brushed against wrong and suggestively on the bus for the first time and it ruins their entire year.

First blog post

So, I'm laying here unable to sleep and deciding to create this real simple and quick while laying next to Daddy and chatting with my Baby Boi the day before starting a 16 hour drive to TX to move Daddy J out of NC and away from the Air Force and to his Dads until he's able to move up to MN in a month. So basically there are three primary breakdowns to what I'll be posting up on here.